Having manufactured the sub assembly for Emolice’s SI-2 product range, we then employ a thorough testing process on every product. Due to the environment and industry these products go to, it is fundamental that each product is robust and reliable. In addition, the readings need to be accurate and the sensors in play have to recognize when the product is physically moving. Our testing process ensures that everything that leaves our doors is of the highest quality. Also, it allows us to guarantee high levels of reliability and accuracy for our customers. In this case, that also guarantees safety due to the nature of this specific product.

Furthermore, there has been a greater emphasis for safety within operating dumper trucks. Dual view trucks are now regularly incorporated to prevent unnecessary turning and maneuvering for drivers. However, it is still key that when turning, drivers can quickly and easily identify if the truck is beginning to tilt. Therefore, it is so important to us that we test every SI-2 that we assemble. This guarantees not only the quality, but also the safety for the end user.

As you can see below, we test the reading and sensor for both directions of tilt. Dependent on the reading on the SI-2, the operator would see a light appear and a loud beep. It is key that these all work in unison in order to maintain the safety of the end user.

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