Read all about our sister company Emolice Contract Manufacturing Solutions and what they’ll be presenting at the Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show in February.

As a multidiscipline engineering business, Emolice Contract Manufacturing Solutions specialises in providing a comprehensive range of contract manufacturing services for the electronics and manufacturing industry, which is what it will be showcasing at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2023.

With ISO 9001 accreditation, Emolice can cater for the manufacture of a simple control panel built to design, to full cable assembly services, box builds, PLC programming, mechanical design and assembly, complete control systems, PCB assembly, and many other manufacturing services. 

All of the products that Emolice produce are assembled in house by a team of IPC A-620 certified technicians and engineers, using processes including electronic assembly, cable assembly, PLC development and mechanical assembly. 

In terms of control panel manufacture, Emolice have extensive experience in the design, build and programming of control panels, including: Remote IO Panels, Machine Control Solutions, and complete Industrial Control Panel Systems. 

Our cable assemblies span across a range of sectors and clientele, where assemblies include bespoke cable types, such as: power cables, data cables, RF coax cables, audio visual cables, IDC, crimp and solder etc. 

A wide range of cable assembly services 

Emolice’s cable assembly services also includes quality wiring harness products, which are used in a variety of different markets ranging from industrial to general electronics. 

These wiring looms can be bound together by straps, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, braid, conduit, a weave or extruded string, depending on requirements. Under the umbrella of cable assembly services, Emolice also specialises in patrial cable and wire preparation and PCBA (printed circuit board assembly).

As part of our mechanical design services, Emolice design and assemble box builds using 2D and 3D CAD technologies, ranging from simple control boxes to more complex systems that form part of an engineered solution. 

The team at Emolice Contract Manufacturing is built up of qualified and dedicated engineers and technicians who have a pervasive understanding in the implementation of many projects of various sizes; from individual systems to highly complex application projects using the latest technologies in IIoT or Industry 4.0.

Supporting the customer throughout their journey

This allows Emolice to competently support our customers at every stage of the project, from design to daily operation of the solution.

As a UK manufacturing company, Emolice Contract Manufacturing Solutions offers a range of services that can be customised directly to the client. With a team of experienced software engineers and manufacturers to help design, build and implement products and services, Emolice caters to a variety of industries. From Consumer Electronics, Industrial Applications, Transport Applications, the Health Industry, Energy & Power Facilities, Water Treatment, Agriculture Services and many more.