At Cable Assembly Solutions, as well as full assembly builds, we also specialise in partial cable, wire preparation services and more. Providing these services can be incredibly labour intensive. As well as this, all of our assemblies are produced by IPC specialists. This means we require highly skilled workers throughout the cable assembly process. Consequently, as well as paying for parts and components, customers are also paying for labour costs as well. Particularly within our bigger jobs, this cost has the potential to add up.

However, in order to keep our cable assemblies competitively priced and maintaining our high standards of quality, we implement a wide scale of cable assembly automation. Essentially meaning that our wire and cable preparation services are highly automated using the latest machinery. This means we can keep our prices low and maintain high levels of quality. Ultimately, by employing the latest cable assembly automation, we can continue to take on a range of job sizes. This includes those of low volumes, as we can turn them around quickly at a low cost. This is a direct consequence of the automation process we utilise.

Automation benefits us, as well as the customer

In addition, not only does employing the latest cable assembly automation ensure our customers receive consistent, high-quality cable assemblies at affordable prices, it also benefits our staff. We care about our workers who are manufacturing each assembly that leaves the door. Ultimately, we want them to have the necessary equipment to do their jobs well. Our cable assembly automation machinery also ensures our staff reduce repetitive movements throughout the working day. Thus, limiting chances of things such as osteoporosis or arthritis occurring in their hands over time.

If you want to find out more on how CAS and our cable assembly automation can help you with your cable needs, please do get in touch with us. Our experts will give you all the advice, as well as recommendations, you need to ensure you get what you are after.