custom cable assemblies

CAS prides itself on producing high quality custom cable assemblies. Some premade cables can potentially save time as there are less parts to acquire, they require less specialist skills, and need fewer tools. This does not mean this is the best option for you. Like most things in life, with better quality generally comes higher price.

Although, the team at CAS guarantee competitive pricing, it is unlikely that we can compete with premade cable assemblies. This is because, every assembly that leaves our doors is bespoke, specific to the exact requirements our customers have. Ultimately, this means we have to source parts and components for the assembly. This will add time and potentially some cost.

However, no two cable assemblies are the same. This means that custom cable assemblies are often needed in order to meet the exact requirements you may have. There may be faster, cheaper options out there. But, these are likely going to cost you more money and time in the long run, as the assembly will not fit the exact needs you have. Here at CAS, we take on assemblies of all different sizes including small to moderate jobs. No matter the size though, we guarantee quality that is specific to your needs.

Essentially, if you have the mindset of ‘I’ll choose quickest option’, you are unlikely to find the correct solution. By taking time to understand your specific requests, our team of experts are able to manufacture your custom cable assemblies.

“We moved our cable assembly solutions work to CAS in 2014 and continue to be impressed by the quality and service that we receive for our custom cable requirements”.

Speak to our specialist team to understand how we can help you both immediately and over time. Our guaranteed quality ensures you have the best custom cable assembly available. Along with our competitive pricing and fast turn-around times, we aim to offer you the best all round service possible.

Call or email us directly to discuss all the options on offer for you here.

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